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François Lepicard

Senior Partner

François believes that inclusive business is an under-exploited lever that gives the voice back to the individual in his physical, moral and wealth recovery, as well as a tremendous energising force for both business and development organisations.

Over the last 30 years, François has developed extensive hands-on experience, notably in the fields of energy, technology, and corporate finance. Since he joined Hystra in 2010, François has worked on supporting inclusive businesses and their ecosystem in developing countries, while also leading research on “Leveraging ICT for the BoP” and "Scaling up Access to Energy". 

François spent 14 months in Burkina Faso supporting various local businesses in the food sector by developing and distributing nutrition products across Sahel.

In parallel to his work at Hystra, François Lepicard has been coaching executives in interim positions as part of his work with Valtus, a French interim management company.

Prior to Hystra, François has spent 11 years as a top management consultant with McKinsey & Company in which he was a partner, and 5 years as a venture capitalist in Occam, the fund management company he created. He also worked as Head of Development for Cegelec, a European Electric Contractor.