Francisco de la Torre Picture.png

Francisco de la Torre

Mexico City, Mexico

Francisco serves as Chairman of FUNDES México (Fundación para el Desarrollo Sustentable) an organization that since 1984 has worked with large corporations and governments that seek to improve its economic, social and environmental impact by working together with local micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). FUNDES currently has offices in 12 countries in Latin America. He is also an advisor to Fundación John Langdon Down, an NGO founded 44 years ago dedicated to support people with down syndrome and their families. He also has a consultant and management career as an international executive, entrepreneur and Board Member of several social organizations. Francisco spent several years as a consultant at McKinsey, as an executive at Procter and Gamble, at PepsiCo as President of Pepsi Cola Mexicana and President of Elma Chips (Frito-Lay Brazil), as VP Manufactoring and VP Sales at Sabritas (Frito-Lay Mexico), as President of Mission Foods in the U.S., and as President of CBS TeleNoticias, a T.V. news cable network covering 22 countries based in the USA.