Robin Bonsey

Project Manager

Robin has been working in the field of sustainable development in general and inclusive business in particular for the past 7 years. After his experiences in financial (Amundi) and industrial firms (Alstom and Air Liquide), he joined Hystra in 2014 seeking maximum leverage in solving social and environmental issues, with a focus on emerging economies.

Now a project manager at Hystra, Robin has participated in or managed around 50 assignments in various fields and for a diversity of clients ranging from multinationals to grass-root NGOs. In the course of his assignments Robin has been particularly focused on the African continent. From villages to slums, he built business models that meet the problems and aspirations of low-income people in a dozen different countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Until recently, he was based in the Sahel region to set up the multi-million euro, multi partner Meriem project to improve the commercial availability of local nutritional products.

Through his work, Robin has built strong experience in creating common projects and lasting alignment between partners of wildly different natures and interests, which he believes is necessary to tackling complex social problems, whether in agriculture with the African Cotton Foundation, or in nutrition with Project Meriem. A bilingual French and British citizen, Robin studied humanities before graduating from HEC Paris Business School, where he gives regular lectures.