We believe that the private, public, and non-profit sectors each have a critical role to play in developing more inclusive market-based solutions to tackle social and environmental problems. We work with social investors, social entrepreneurs, and large corporations to help launch and scale up inclusive businesses.

Work with corporates along their inclusive business journey

We support our clients with strategic consulting services throughout the inclusive business lifecycle. We help them identify problems, match their existing skills and assets with the needs of low-income clients, and craft the business plan and organizational space needed for their strategy. Our support includes exploration studies, business model design, strategy design, and change management support.

Strengthen marketing capabilities of social entrepreneurs

Our experience so far in supporting directly social entrepreneurs and business has included helping them in building business plans and revising business models, improving sales and marketing strategies, as well as building partnerships with corporations and investors. Our support includes knowledge-building workshops and benchmarking studies.

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Unilever HomeCare Division is uncovering new opportunities to help its consumers deal with increasingly scarce water resources.

Leveraging our work on safe drinking water, we scoped the global strategy and designed one pilot launched in 2016.

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eKutir, an Indian social business, founded by Ashoka Fellow Kailash Chandra Mishra, has done pioneering work with smallholder farmers, sanitation and social finance.

We helped eKutir shape the business plan of its sanitation venture Svadha, along with its long-standing partner Unilever.


Work with donors to engage with private sector

One of Hystra’s strengths is the ability to act as a bridge between donors and the private sector. We work with social investors to help them refine their strategy to support inclusive businesses, providing technical assistance to grantees and investees, or building their knowledge base. Our support includes stakeholder engagement and strategy design.

Build multi-stakeholder partnerships and alliances

We work on creating strategic alliances between the public and private sectors, as well as between competitors in order to collaborate on developing innovative, market-based solutions for the BoP. 

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The French Development Agency launched its social business strategy in February 2015, and already started supporting multiple enterprises and social businesses.

We helped design this strategy through a mapping of the donor landscape, a study of social enterprise needs, and recommendations for AFD (study done in partnership with Dalberg).

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The Toilet Board Coalition

The Toilet Board Coalition is a coalition of leading companies (Unilever, Kimberly-Clark, LIXIL Corporation, Firmenich), investors, experts and non-profits, who accelerate market-based sanitation initiatives.

We helped launch the alliance and initiatives in Ghana, the Philippines, and India.


Our Clients include…

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